Writing About Issues

Issues are subjects that people talk about and argue about. They can be related to things such as politics, war, or sports. They can also be based on the latest news.

Writing about issues requires that you dig deep into the subject matter and avoid painting a stereotypical or idyllic picture. The best way to do this is to pick an issue that interests you and find facts, statistics, and names of key players on the subject.

Environmental pollution is a big issue today, as it involves dangerous pollutants in the air, water, and soil. You can write about the latest innovations in solar energy, wind turbines, and other solutions for converting our resources to safe methods.

Climate change is another global issue that affects many different aspects of society. You can write about the latest developments in this field, or you can discuss how governments are dealing with this problem.

Human rights are a crucial aspect of social justice and social progress. You can examine the role of Amnesty International, or you can focus on the effects of discrimination against women and minorities in business.

Political polarization is also an important issue to consider. You can explore Russia’s external political influence, India’s increasing political polarization, or the United States’ rising political polarization.

When writing about issues, keep in mind that readers want to read about something that’s happening right now. If you can link your issue to something that’s trending in the news, your chances of getting published are significantly higher.