Writing About Issues

An issue is an important subject that people are arguing about. A few examples are climate change, abortion, and child abuse.

The United Nations and its specialized agencies are active in a wide range of global issues — from disaster relief to the advancement of women, to peaceful uses of atomic energy. Many of these issues are driven by global forces, such as climate change and poverty. Others are caused by human actions, such as war or terrorism.

To write a compelling article about an issue, begin by describing the problem or pain point in the reader’s eyes. Then, acquaint them with the background knowledge they need to understand your argument. Avoid technical jargon and abbreviations, and limit the use of obscure references to only those that are necessary to support your claims. Finally, make sure your article ends with a strong call to action.

In the US, the Democratic Party has an advantage on policies related to abortion rights and health care, while Republicans have a lead on those related to gun policy, the economy, immigration and the budget deficit. But on some key issues, such as drug addiction and terrorism, majorities in both parties express concern. In 2024, it’s likely that more progress can be made at the state level, where activists will continue to promote traditionally progressive policies.