Writing About Issues

An issue is a topic of concern for an organization or community. It can also refer to a personal problem, for example a lack of money or health problems. Writing about issues can be controversial, but it can also serve as a tool to educate others and increase awareness about important concerns.

Global issues are problems that affect people worldwide, including environmental concerns and economic matters. These are the topics that people often discuss when discussing world politics and news.

Some examples of international issues are climate change, wars, and poverty. Many countries around the world have been affected by these issues, and they need to find solutions.

A social issue is one that involves the rights of individuals or groups in society, such as gender equality and racial justice. Examples of social issues include inequality in pay and leadership, racism, sexism, and poverty. These are complex issues that can be difficult to address, but they are important to discuss and debate.

When writing about an issue, be sure to make it clear which subjects you are referring to when using pronouns and antecedents. For instance, you should make it clear to whom you are referencing when saying “this problem.” If it is unclear who you are referring to, your article could come across as partisan or biased.