Why Development Is Important

A person’s development can be described in terms of their ability to learn and improve. This is a very broad concept but it does cover learning, changing and improving in a wide variety of ways. It can be seen as a process that happens over the course of a life and is related to the growth and changes of a society, culture or country.

Many theories of development are guided by certain assumptions about the nature of people. These assumptions are called meta-theories and they are often based on ideas about human evolution, biology, ethology, psychoanalysis or neuroscience. They are generally known as maturational meta-theories and are a key part of the debate about development.

Other approaches to development are cultural. These theories focus on the role that a person’s environment, culture and social system play in their development. They also take into account the contributions that people’s experiences and abilities make to their development. This is a broad area and there are many different models of how a culture contributes to a person’s development.

Another reason why development is important for a country is that it improves a countries infrastructure. This can lead to better roads, railways and airports and also allows for a faster flow of information and goods. As a result of this, developing countries can trade more easily and their economies grow allowing them to improve their infrastructure further. This in turn leads to more jobs and a greater range of good quality jobs for people.