What is Spirituality?


Spirituality is a worldview and a lifestyle that incorporates the belief that there is more to life than just the physical universe and the mind-body connection. The spiritual movement posits that there is higher form of intelligence or Consciousness that runs the universe, and answers questions about human existence such as what happens after death and why people are linked to one another.

Spiritualism is a broad way of understanding the meaning of life and it may include: religious or non-religious beliefs, self-scrutiny, moral virtues, hope, self-actualization, spiritual healing, meditation, yoga, and a variety of other practices. Many spiritual practices are associated with the new age movement and may include a focus on healing, psychic powers, Astrology, and other paranormal activities.

The underlying philosophy of spirituality is that everything works out for the best. Being a spiritual person often involves cultivating the body, mind, and emotions to a state of maturity that allows for more clarity, less worry, and contentment with what is. It also leads to a sense of gratitude, compassion and love.

Research shows that having a spiritual perspective helps with overall mental health and wellness. It has been linked to lower levels of depression, higher resiliency, and stronger immune system responses. In addition, there are studies that show that a spiritual mindset helps people deal with stress and hardships in their lives, and that they are more likely to have positive relationships with others. This is especially true when people are able to experience self-transcendent emotions like gratitude, love, hope, and compassion.