The Importance of Development


Development is the process of growth, progress and change. Generally it refers to economic growth but it also includes social and family development. It has been argued that it is essential to a country’s health and well being. The last century has seen major improvements in global health and wealth through technological advances and trade. Some countries have made rapid progress in their living standards while others continue to struggle with poverty, war and climate change.

The development of a country depends on many factors including the quality of its education, health care and infrastructure. It is also dependent on its natural resources and the economic policies of the government. Developing countries need to focus on economic growth and social progress in order to improve their lives. They should also strive to become more environmentally sustainable.

A number of organizations have started to invest in development in various parts of the world. These organizations are playing a massive role in changing people’s lives by investing in their communities. The result is that these communities grow in terms of their economic status as well as the quality of life.

One of the main goals in this regard is to reduce poverty by focusing on the basic needs of the people. This is achieved by empowering them and providing them with the necessary tools to reach their goals. These tools include education, healthcare and the provision of public services. Moreover, they should be able to access adequate housing and employment opportunities.