The Evolution of Fashion

Fashion is the general term for a prevailing mode of expression, especially in clothing. It is closely related to cultural and social trends, reflecting eras and social movements. The evolution of fashion has often been influenced by changes in the economy and technology, as well as by international relations and politics.

For designers, fashion is a way to creatively twist concepts and create unique outfits. For consumers, fashion is a means of beautification and personal grooming. In the past, fashion was used to demonstrate one’s standing within a community. Today, the most popular styles are dictated by multi-billion dollar corporations that push new trends through advertising and mass production.

Many types of clothing are gendered – skirts and dresses are considered feminine, while pants and neckties are masculine. A person’s choice of fashion can also be influenced by their culture, social circle and lifestyle. While changing trends in style can be fun, the pressure to keep up with them can be stressful. People who rely on fashion for self-image and confidence may feel overwhelmed by the speed of change.