How to Choose Versatile Accessories


Accessories are an opportunity to express your unique personality through the details of your look. They can take an otherwise dull outfit and transform it into something exciting and memorable.

They are a powerful way to enhance your wardrobe without spending a fortune on an entire new outfit. You can create uncountable looks with one or two key pieces. The key is to know what pieces are most versatile and how to combine them with each other to create your perfect look.

When choosing your accessories, consider the occasion you will be attending and how formal or casual it may be. You also want to choose the right colors that match with your outfits and personal style. For example, if you wear a lot of navy blue, then choose some jewelry or shoes that are in the same hue.

Cufflinks are a great accessory that can be worn with either a formal or casual look. They fasten your French cuffs together and there are many styles to choose from such as bullet backs, studs or whale backs. If you are going to go for a formal look, choose a simple design such as a classic silver or gold. Avoid novelty cufflinks as these will not be a good match for your style.

Hair accessories such as hats, scarves and wraps can be very versatile. They can be worn as a wrap around the neck, a shawl or a headband. They can protect you from a questionable hair day while running errands or be added to your look for an afternoon of drinking and dancing.