Careers in Financial Services

Financial services is a vast and varied industry that encompasses everything from banking and investments to insurance. As a career path, it offers great pay and a chance to continually learn new tools to enhance your professional skill set. It is a very competitive sector that requires constant innovation to remain ahead of the competition.

Some of the largest categories within financial services include deposit-taking, lending and financial leasing; payment and money transmission services; securities trading; and financial intermediation (including advisory, intermediation, agency, custodial and trust services, asset management, pension fund management and other auxiliary financial services). Other large subsectors include investment services and mortgage real estate instruments.

There are also emerging technologies that hold the potential to significantly expand access to financial services. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms can analyze data to better assess creditworthiness, detect fraudulent activity, and identify patterns and trends. Biometric authentication technologies like fingerprint and facial recognition can make it easier for customers to securely access their accounts while reducing the risk of identity theft.

As the financial industry continues to evolve, it’s important that business owners and employees keep up with changes in order to stay competitive. Those who are interested in making a difference and expanding their knowledge of the financial services industry should consider pursuing a role at one of Phyton’s top financial services companies. We have open roles in areas including accounting, technology, sales, marketing, and more. Contact us today to learn more about what opportunities are available.