What Is Fashion?


A style of clothing, or a way of wearing clothes that is popular at a particular time. Fashion is a way of expressing personal identity and can also be used to reflect and reinforce cultural norms and values. Fashion can also be used as a form of social activism.

A person who follows the latest fashions is often referred to as a “fashion victim” or a “fashionista.” Some people follow fashion trends in order to keep up with their peers, while others do so as a way of expressing their individuality. The use of color in fashion is important, as it can symbolize a season, a mood, or a lifestyle. For example, a person may wear flowy dresses in the summer, while they might wear long overcoats in the winter.

Historically, a fashion trend starts when people of higher socioeconomic status start to wear new or different clothes. These trends then trickle down to the lower classes, causing people in those groups to adopt these styles. This is called the trickle-down theory of fashion.

The word fashion is related to the verb form, which means to shape or build something. For instance, a person might form a piece of wood into a chair. The term also has a metaphorical meaning: A person might fashion a story out of thin air, or a stranded sailor might fashion a fishing rod out of rope and twine. The concept of fashion is also reflected in the word vogue, which means to be fashionable.